SECS Talk Pro Applications

SECS TALK PRO can be used as:
  1. A Fast Prototyping tool.
  2. Equipment or host simulator.
  3. SECS or ASCII Sniffer.
  4. Relayer and pass-through for SECS, HSMS or other non-SECS conversion.
  5. Interlocking Controller.
All messages comply to SECS II standards and are communicated across the SECS TALK interface level for SECS-I, HSMS, ASCII or other such non-SECS compliant links.
Requirements and Compliance
SECS TALK PRO is compliant with the following SEMI standards:
  • E4 – 0699 (SECS – I)
  • E5 – 1000 (SECS – II)
  • E30 – 1000 (GEM)
  • E37 – 0298 (HSMS)
  Supported OS:
  • Win32 platforms
  • Windows NT SP6
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP

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