SECS Talk Pro

SECS Talk Pro SECS Talk Pro (well known as STP) is a framework used to develop automation software for equipment and system integration. Automation software developed using STP has short development cycle and outstanding system stability and performance.
STP is a SEMI standards compliant, multi-threading and asynchronous communications package that supports multiple-block and multiple- transactional messaging.
Main Functions:
  • Support multiple communication protocol (Serial, TCP, TCP_SECS1, PIPE, UDP Raw, UDP SECS etc)
  • Compliant to International SEMI SECS standard (E4, E5, E30, E37, E40, E90, E94 and E99 SEMI Standard)
  • Support multiple parallel threads running, multiple block and multiple transactional messaging
  • Interface with Non-SECS protocol (PLC, Barcode Reader, RFID Reader, AMHS and AIO/DIO controller)
  • Support RV, MBX, MQ, H101 and PLUS communication interface with upstream system such as MES, RMS, OEE, SPC, APC, AMHS
  • External DLL calling
  • High speed, efficiency and consistent interface with database
  • Flexible and easy in accessing files
  • Rich API features
Technical Advantages:
  • High performance in code execution, communication and data collection
  • Flexible and easy development and maintenance through scripting
  • Support multiple threads, therefore multiple messages can be handled without delay and block
  • Multiple communication engines, each engine with its own handling, configuration and logic
  • Engines can communicate with each other and support local and remote data logging.