SPC (Statistical Process Control) system is a process data analysis tool based on process variable and discrete collected. It monitors the process stability through statistical model and can detect deviations in real time.
Main Functions:
  • User privilege control
  • Flexible user definable charts, control rules and alert actions
  • Determines if a data point if out of specification
  • Customizable alert actions (hold lot / stop equipment / alarm / send email)
  • Statistical analysis of manufacturing process
Technical Advantages:
  • Server is powered by STP scripting engine, enables fast data computation and rules resolution
  • Supports RV, MBX, MQ, H101 and PLUS communication to interface with upstream and downstream systems
  • Supports multiple connections and parallel threads, thus decreasing transaction time
  • Scalable to multi servers. Able to achieve load balancing with PLUS message bus
  • Real time monitoring of product quality. Executes alert actions when out of specification data point is detected, thus reducing rejects and increasing output
  • Real time monitoring of equipment processes
  • Real time monitoring of manufacturing processes