RPC combines the functions of RMS (Recipe Management System) and PCM (Parameter Control Management) to manage process recipe, equipment constants and process parameters in a systematic manner. With the capability to automatically upload, download and compare contents, RPC system reduces manual operations, thus increasing staff productivity and reducing product defects.
Main Functions:
  • User Privilege Control
  • Upload equipment recipe to database through RPC user interface
  • Upload equipment recipe to database through equipment user interface
  • Download equipment recipe from database through RPC user interface
  • Recipe version history
  • Recipe content compare, for example different equipment with same recipe name
  • Recipe version compare
Technical Advantages:
  • Server is powered by STP, the unique scripting technology results in faster development cycle, fast transaction speed and easy maintenance
  • Supports RV, MBX, MQ, H101 and PLUS communication to interface with upstream and downstream systems
  • Supports multiple connections and parallel threads, thus decreasing transaction time
  • Scalable to multi servers. Able to achieve load balancing with PLUS message bus
  • Easier for user to maintain by introducing Logic Recipe and Group Recipe concepts
  • Easy for engineer to create, manage and maintain recipe
  • Standardized recipe add, edit function to reduce operation error
  • Archives golden recipe and recipe version history. Engineers enables active recipe by selecting the desired version
  • Differentiate recipe based on specific configuration and automatically download recipe, thus increase operation efficiency
  • Upload recipe from equipment user interface, thus increase engineer efficiency
  • Speeds up error detection in recipe setting by automatically comparing recipe content
  • Avoids erroneous manual operations in shop floor