PLUS is a message bus based on UDP protocol. It supports multi transfer modes, such as synchronous, asynchronous, broadcast and peer-to-peer. PLUS provides a simple, convenient and low cost integration schemes for system integration.
Detail Description:
  • PLUS architecture uses C/S. It has at least two PLUS server, any application that make use of the PLUS message bus is called PLUS Client
  • Every PLUS client is configured with one or more unique names, known as entity
  • Every entity is optionally a member of one or more group
  • Sending messages from one entity to another entity is treated as a peer to peer message
  • Sending message from one entity to a group can be of
  • Fault tolerant type (one entity within the group is to received the message)
  • Load balancing type (the entity are selected based on predefined algorithm)
  • Broadcast type (all entity in the group are notified with the message)
  • Easy to implement
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Loading balancing (round robin, least recently used, random)
  • Uses UDP unicast for transport, High speed
  • Support large message, Up to 2 gigabyte in size
  • Abstract IP and port configuration into entity/group concept, convenient maintenance Simple technique to achieve fault tolerant and load balancing in server / client application