OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) is a real time software system that allows user to monitor the equipment status and query equipment process data, alarms and history record. It reports the equipment utilization, thus allowing analysis to effectively improve the efficiency of equipment, as well as reduce the overall production cost.
Main Functions:
  • Process Data Collection
  • User Privilege Control
  • Real-time monitoring of equipment status
  • Deviation analysis and report
  • Equipment utilization report
  • Equipment status report
Technical Advantages:
  • Server is developed by STP, the unique scripting technology that results in faster calculation and report generation.
  • Support multiple connections and multiple parallel threads, thus multiple reports can be generated faster and concurrently
  • Support RV, MBX, MQ, H101 and PLUS communication to interface with upstream and downstream systems
  • User interface is developed using C Sharp language thus can be easily customized
  • Accurately reports equipment status with data from MES and data collected from equipment
  • Online&Offline Server structure effectively reduces slow response time caused by report generation
  • Real time monitoring of equipment status, effectively alerts engineer for equipment maintenance
  • Provide analysis data for bottleneck equipment and generate analysis report based on individual department needs
  • Output comparison among different equipment, thus improving the efficiency of low performing equipment
  • Effectively analyze process data and reduce the time of finding the cause of equipment and product abnormality