MMS (Material Management System) is used to control and track the consumable and durable materials in semiconductor assembly plants. MMS ensures the correct consumable material is loaded in the equipment, and is able to accurately track material thawing time, pot life and expired date.
MMS tracking and tracing features record the material state changes and location changes in real time. This enables the system to trigger pause/stop command to the equipment when invalid material status is detected. The historical records are used for engineer to troubleshoot the lot, equipment and the consumable material used at each operation.
Main Functions:
  • Integrated, scalable and configurable system
  • Provide material control from the material release to shop floor until the material consumed in the equipment
  • Durable material tracking during equipment conversion
  • Real time monitoring and tracking of the material
  • Historical trace and reporting
  • Triggers the engineer if the material is going to expire
Hide Technical Advantages:
  • 3 tier architecture, scalable system
  • Server is developed by STP, the unique scripting technology results in faster development cycle, fast transaction speed and easy maintenance
  • Support multiple connections and multiple parallel threads, thus the transaction time is faster
  • User interface is developed using C Sharp language thus can be easily customized
  • Prevents the operator loading the wrong materials into the equipment, thus improving yield
  • Material pot life and thaw time control improves the production quality
  • Eliminates paper work for material tracking
  • Real time monitoring of material used in shop
  • Aids troubleshooting by providing historical records of material used when products have quality issues
System Architecture: