EI Works

EI Works is a user configurable workflow engine designed specifically for the automation of workflow in the manufacturing environment. Workflows that automate manufacturing operation provide step-by-step visibility into actions taken. Workflows automated to track production processes provide visibility into activities and interaction among the different manufacturing systems.

Improve Productivity, Retain/Improve Operation Excellence

Continuous improvement and lean initiatives focused on making manufacturing more efficient, improving product quality and reducing sources of operational variability. EI Works workflow is designed to support flexible rapid configuration of workflow function to implement improvement with new workflow with full traceability, reliability and consistency in operation.
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  • Built on SEMI high performance messaging system designed to integrate with existing equipment and systems in order to provide event detection and action automation. Support connectivity to devices, databases and communications and messaging protocols including SECS/GEM, SOAP/XML, HTTP, plain text and TIBCO.
  • EI Works Workflow Engine ensure execution of all steps of a workflow and real-time fault tolerance and persistence to a relational databaseWorkflow activation is based on an event occurrence and a result code to minimize the number of workflows activated
  • Complete workflow execution history and all associated data are automatically stored and made available for analysis and playback
  • Intuitive design tools provide rapid and real-time validation of EI Works workflowsWorkflow Management Console allows workflows to be safely deployed into production for testing
  • Open Adaptor for communication to systems. Socket connection or connectionless interface.
  • Support SECS, TIBCO, SOAP/XML, plain text, SMTP, POP and others