STP Box is a fan-less industrial grade hardware which is certified to run the STP application in Windows Embedded.
Hardware Main features:
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet Ports: allow isolation of Upstream communication (to HOST system) and Downstream communication (to equipment, block controller or devices)
  • Up to 8 RS-232 Serial COM ports: with STP application and the multi serial COM ports it may configured as a terminal server and support multi-cast communication with different devices simultaneously
  • Solid State Disk: less susceptible to physical shock, power saving, faster access. Support transactions logging feature
  • VGA Output: allow display of UI
  • USB Ports: support third party USB devices such as USB WiFi, USB keyboard & mouse, USB Drive etc
  • Software application features:
  • Support Windows OS (both 32-bits and 64-bits) and Linux OS
  • Compliance to SEMI standards SEMI E4, E5, E30, E37, E40, E90, E94 and E99
  • Support multi-threading, object variable and classes scripting program language
  • Support both asynchronous and synchronous communications
  • Configurable to communicate with RS-232/RS-485, TCP/IP, Telnet, UDP, Pipe
  • Support many middleware such as MBX, TIBCO RV, H101, Web Service, FTP, ODBC
  • Support many message format such as SECS, VEFI, XML
  • Ease in coding, testing and troubleshooting. No compilation required for code to run
Typical implementations:
Runtime data collection
  • High speed and run-time data collection
  • Support data profiling and local runtime storage
  • No data loss due to upstream system instability
Protocol Converter
  • Establish a communication bridge between upstream middle-ware and downstream communication
  • An interface adapter or a gateway application to provide common interface for different protocol
  • Integrate SECS/GEM Driver
  • Integrate SECS/GEM communication to provide single connection to HOST
  • Convert PLC, DIO or raw communication bytes into SECS messages